• Nepal Stock Exchange App

    NEPSE App is the official app developed by Source Code in association with Braindigit IT Solution and Arthik Abhiyan Daily for NEPSE that brings real-time stock exchange data right to your smart phone. With this app you can stay tuned to Nepal Stock Exchange and get all the recent updates, news, events and information about the stock market. NEPSE App tracks the movement of NEPSE index along with other sub-indies including banks, hydro powers, finances and others giving real time statistics.

  • Easy Demat Solution Software

    EDSS is a system that helps you to manage and withhold your demat account. In the era of digitalization, it is only appropriate that your financial documents like share certificates, mutual fund investments and bonds need to be converted into electronic form. You can be free from the hassles of physical documents as the problem of losing or destroying the documents will be lessened. Also, the risk of forged certificates reduce immensely increasing your level of security. EDSS system allows a broker to create accounts for the client providing them with login username and password.

  • Broker Office Solution Software

    A Broker is an individual or a company that sets up the transactions that occur between a buyer and seller acting as the third party. A buyer and a seller never have direct contact with each other when buying or selling stocks. The Broker acts an intermediary in return for a certain amount of commission percentage. Broker Office Solution Software (BOSS) is a back office that tracks all the transaction details, client details and many other information. The user can do all the accountings related to the share transactions with this software.


    Nepali Paisa is a financial news portal that updates its viewers with information about anything related to Nepal Stock Market straight from Nepal Stock Exchange (Nepse). With Nepali Paisa, you can get informed with the ups down in the Stock market along with what is happening with companies associated with it.