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We are a company established to serve our customers need that is comprised of a hardworking team that continuously works to develop the best suited IT solutions in the financial and investment business field. With a top notch research and analysis team, this company aims to come out with the finest business solutions and services. Source Code was set up as a small company but has grown into one big fine company that develops high-quality solutions for not just you but your investment decisions as well.

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Source Code aspires to provide business services to help businesses grow at a constant rate with a profitable result. The professional team uses various techniques, software engineering, web application development, business application development, mobile application development and enterprise solutions to create groundbreaking business software and services.


    Business Application Development

    Businesses are changing with every breath we take. We will let you know about all the latest updates and also guide you to adapt it to your system. Business Applications are what define your business and we are there for you in every baby step you take.


    Web Application Development

    Source Code primarily focuses on creating web applications for businesses to boost your company in the online sector. Our team will help you strategize and develop fully functional systems right from the beginning to the end.


    Mobile Apps Development

    With the increase in use of portable devices, it is an obligation to interpret mobile apps into your business will build up to branding your name everywhere. We outclass in making mobile apps that are user friendly, which is enjoyable to use and easy on the eyes. The screen size, be it small or big, will only help your business grow.


    Custom Software Development

    Source Code aims to develop customized software and assist you to fabricate a business solution that best suits you and your company. It does not matter if you are just starting or you have an established business, we are ready to boost you in every stage on your business front.


    Enterprise Solutions

    We will provide you with simple and easy to manage programming solutions with a touch of enterprise class. The various aspects of your business will no longer be a burden for you. We will enable companies to propagate and redeem critical data and provide enterprise solutions with real-time information that is practical and operable.



    Our work with you does not end with the completion of developing system for you. We continue to support and guide you with technical support in case you require our expertise. We provide customer support, timely updates, risk managements and issue-handlings.


  • Nepal Stock Exchange App

    NEPSE App is the official app developed by Source Code in association with Braindigit IT Solution and Arthik Abhiyan Daily for NEPSE that brings real-time stock exchange data right to your smart phone.

  • Easy Demat Solution Software

    EDSS is a system that helps you to manage and withhold your demat account. In the era of digitalization, it is only appropriate that your financial documents like share certificates, mutual fund investments and bonds need to be converted into electronic form.

  • Broker Office Solution Software

    Broker Office Solution Software (BOSS) is an online back office and accounting software that automates all operations of stock brokers and clients can also view their transactions through it.

  • Nepalipaisa.com

    Nepali Paisa is a financial news portal that updates its viewers on information related to Nepal Stock Market , financial market and other related to economy from different sources.