Source Code, though established in October 2011 as a company focused towards stock market and financial investments has grown into an IT company. This company was established with a vision to solve business problems providing competent services and solutions. With extensive research and study, we at Source Code work hard to develop fresh and original software products that will definitely benefit you, your business and your investment decisions. We bring into practice the latest information and expertise along with financial analytics and modeling effortlessly to present exclusive business solutions. Our current goal starting towards the end of 2014 is to widen our knowledge and research on equity of public limited companies listed on Nepal Stock Exchange with a plan to digitalize finance. The immediate focus is on financial services, banking, insurance and capital management all over Nepal.


The proficient team at Source Code works relentlessly using the latest techniques to develop software services and bring out the best outcome in the finance sector. With a stable ground for thorough research and study, we help you grow your business with our finest web applications, business applications, mobile applications, enterprise solutions, customer software development and legitimate support. The service that we provide are elite with a simple interface that urges you to join in the world of digital finance.


We at Source Code work diligently towards bringing financial business onto the digitization sector. Using the latest techniques and innovative ideas, we urge companies to leave behind the conventional financial methods and move onto the digital platform for a more secure and advanced business service. The primary mission is to broaden access of digital service related to finance, investment and stocks onto the online sector with a smooth transition and ease of use.




Ajay Shrestha, a Master’s graduate in Management with a specialization in finance from Kathmandu University is a Director at Source Code Pvt. Ltd., an IT company that strives in digitizing the finance sector as well as the Chairman and Managing Director of iCapital, an investment and holding company that invests in the Nepalese stock market and Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and the Director of Kaffeine Foods Pvt. Ltd., that manages a number of coffee shops around Kathmandu.


Abhijit Shrestha, a Bachelor’s graduate in Mathematics with Actuarial Studies from the University of Southampton, UK, has a rich expertise in the finance and insurance sector. Having worked in firms like Prime Life Insurance Co. Ltd. and Beema Samiti, an insurance regulatory authority in Nepal, he was able to contribute his skills in the Actuarial and insurance sector. While working with Beema Samiti, he introduced standard set of 'nepali assured lives mortality table 2009' for the first time in Nepal. During his tenure there, he also prepared a directive 'Solvency Margin Regulation, 2013 for Life Insurers' which Beema Samiti officially prescribed it as a standard set to be used by the life insurers in Nepal. He has attended a number of International conferences regarding Actuary in USA and Taiwan and is currently the Managing Director of Source Code Pvt. Ltd., a Nepal based multi - disciplinary research and consulting company.